Thursday, November 11, 2004


Have Extensive "Political Capital" For Blocking Presidential Extremism

I just spent an hour totaling the Senate results for the entire country. Democratic candidates received 3,184,943 more votes than Republicans nationally - a victory margin of nearly 4% in the popular vote. Disproportional representation in the Senate accounts for the difference. Barbara Boxer's margin of victory in California alone (1,956,938 votes more than her Republican challenger), is greater than the Republican margins in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Missouri, and Utah put together. This may be the most votes ever received nationally by a political party for a Senate campaign.

What a mandate. In fact, the Democratic Senatorial mandate is virtually identical to the Bush's self-proclaimed Presidential "mandate." Look:

Let's get the message to Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats: stay strong. Question Alberto Gonzales directly and clearly. Filibuster judicial nominees if they are biased and partisan. Block the dismantling of fifty years of social progress.

Don't be shy -- we've got lots of political capital to spend.

NEW HEADLINE - "Dems Win by 3,000,000 Nationally - Unfortunately, in an election that's even less representative than the Presidency."