Thursday, December 23, 2004

where are your manners, o'reilly?

he just wants ta testify

This "Christmas" controversy is getting way too complicated on both sides, and we're all getting sick of it, so let's keep it simple. Saying "Happy Holidays" isn't a betrayal of Bill O'Reilly or the baby Jesus, it's just good manners. You're saying to someone, whether they're a customer, a friend, or a colleague: "You're welcome here - in my place of business, in my home, in this country - even if you don't believe as I do." Hey, O'Reilly, it's called courtesy, hospitality, and kindness. That doesn't sound like a betrayal to me - it sounds like proper etiquette. Make your guest comfortable in your home, I was always taught.

So which side are you on, Mr. O'Reilly and all you paragons of the Right? Do you believe in good manners and mutual respect or don't you? Do you welcome strangers into your household, or do you think that somehow you're "betraying" your own family by doing that? To those of you who disagree with Bill and his pals, don't bother with sophisticated arguments. Just say, hey: Do you want to be polite or rude? And by the way, isn't it great that so many corporations like Fox, and so many politicians like President Bush, are considerate enough of others to say "happy holidays"? Doesn't that tell you that we're becoming the civilized, well-behaved nation you're telling us you want?

Hey, O'Reilly, Happy Holidays to you too.