Thursday, January 06, 2005

how i spend my blogger money

Night Light attends art gallery opening

AP, Jan. 6, 2005 --- The blogger known as "Night Light" made another high society appearance last night, attending a star-studded Hollywood art-gallery opening. The French-based show, "Surrealism et Journalisme," consists of 300 televisions showing cable TV news reporters covering disasters while loudspeakers play a tape loop of the Jive Five singing "I'm a Happy Man" alternating with Freddy Fender's "I'll Be There Before the Next Teardrop Falls." The anonymous poet who writes the CNN news crawls also attended last night's opening and performed live readings from his upcoming compilation, "Crawlspace: The Facts in Peripheral Vision." Anonymous also accepted an award from the Catchphrasers Association of America (the group behind the phrase, "hot enough for ya?") for the idea of renaming NewsNight "Turning the Tide" while they cover the tsunami in Asia.

OK, maybe I made up the art gallery part. I know I should ease up on CNN and give the new guy a chance, but that "Turning the Tide" thing was pretty appalling. Soledad O'Brien filed a beautiful report last night, though - her ability to be professional yet deeply empathetic should be a model for some of the more, er, self-aware reporters on the network. Some of them are so studiously casual on-camera that I can hear music playing while they speak. 80's style music. They do photograph well in direct sunlight over there, but I say more Soledad, less vogueing.

But dig the photo. Gotta spend all that easy money somewhere. The coat can be found here. I got the idea to look for it after an email exchange with Michael Berube about how we intend to spend all the blogger-bling that is no doubt about to come our way. Yes, bloggaz is playaz. Somebody's coming over later to pimp my 1999 Nissam Maxima. I don't know if I'll look as tired as that guy in the picture when I go big-time but hey, the pressure of supporting my entourage is bound to take its toll. I will persevere nevertheless because, like anyone who does this, I'm all about the love.