Friday, November 26, 2004

friday hepcatblogging

Lord Buckley

My kitty is sleeping in one of her secure undisclosed locations, so I have to use another cat for Friday catblogging. If mine ever gets up I'll post a picture, if only for Night Light reader Grandma Jo and other devotees of Friday catbloggers everywhere.

Today's substitute is the hippest of all hip cats, the great Lord Buckley, spoken-word artist of the Jazz Age. Learn more about him at Once inside, I recommend you go to "wordland" (cool name, that) and peruse Lord Buckley's speeches using the Hip 'O' Matic 5000 Turbo as a translator. But be warned - there is no substitute for the Lord. He must be heard, rather than read, to be truly appreciated.

Find your way to "The Nazz," his beautiful and surprisingly reverentful telling of the story of Jesus. It sure ain't the Pat Robertson version.