Saturday, November 27, 2004

i hate myself for loving hugh

The Daou Report provides a link to Hugh Hewitt's blog - where, unexpectedly, I find myself agreeing with Hugh when he says "Democrats don't like being the minority party, and the Washington Post sympathizes. Well, then, win some elections ... Whining, however, doesn't win Congressional seats. In fact, the opposite is true: Sounding like a victim instead of a serious opponent gets a party all the respect it deserves."

He's right - the Democratic Party needs a change of tone. I suspect that Hugh's prescription for winning, however, would look like defeat to me. It might even mean bringing Joe Lieberman out of his "spider hole of denial." Can't win for losing, going that route.

Skippy's back in town, too, highlighting blog items of interest as always. Thanks to DR and Skippy for the valuable research and links. Oh, and for linking to our post about the God Gulag, too ... much appreciated.