Thursday, January 20, 2005

all's fair

oh, him again

Andrew Sullivan writes the following on the "plus" side in evaluating the Bush Presidency:

Since 9/11, America has not suffered any equivalent attack. That is something I never expected. No, it wasn't all his doing. But he would have been blamed had another attack destroyed a major U.S. city. Why should he not garner some praise for the alternative, happier, scenario? Fair's fair.

The only attack America ever suffered happened during his Presidency. The real question is: Why hasn't he been blamed for letting it happen, when he and his leadership ignored repeated and urgently phrased warnings it was coming? The 9/11 Commission identified at least eight opportunities for Bush Admistration employees to avoid this disaster. Why doesn't his head hang in shame? Why did the individual with responsibility for our national security - who ignored critical warnings that this attack was coming - just get confirmed as Secretary of State? These people should be facing impeachment and Congressional investigations.

Of course Andrew Sullivan "never expected" we could escape a second attack for this long. He "never expected" the war to go anything but swimmingly, either. Sullivan has yet to apologize for calling opponents of the Iraq War a "fifth column." His head should hang in shame, too. Fair's fair.