Friday, January 28, 2005


commentators are standing by ....

Eric Boehlert has another fine article on the Bush administration today in Salon (you need to view an ad to read it - or better yet, subscribe). He's becoming a leading voice in identifying and detailing the misdeeds of this Administration. Watch him.

This piece discusses the third commentator to be caught (so far) taking public money to promote the Administration's initiatives. My only complaint (and it's more than a quibble) is with the title, which Boehlert probably didn't write, "Third columnist caught with hand in the Bush till." Actually, their hands are in your till, and mine. Government money is being spent in unprecedented numbers to influence public opinion. Sometimes it's being done deceptively, either through these secret payments to commentators or though the creation of false "news reports" and "articles" disseminated by local TV stations and newspapers. In other words, I'm paying these commentators to lie to me, and so are you.

It makes a good film noir moment when a desperate man or woman looks across a smokey bar and says "Lie to me, baby." I can't think of too many examples of people willingly paying someone to lie to them, but there may be 900 phone lines set up just for that purpose. If not, it may be a new and profitable business for Halliburton or Arbusto to go into when this Administration leaves office. But not before, and not with my money, thank you very much.

On the other hand, if there's somebody out there willing to to say "RJ, nobody can tell you're losing your hair," just tell me where to call.