Thursday, January 20, 2005

cavorts with terrorists

the Reagan/terrorist connection

"We knew that he was an implacable enemy of the United States who did cavort with terrorists. "
-- Condoleezza Rice during her confirmation hearings, justifying the invasion of Iraq

ca·vort( (ke-vort)
intr.v. ca·vort·ed, ca·vort·ing, ca·vorts
  1. To bound or prance about in a sprightly manner; caper.
  2. To have lively or boisterous fun; romp: The children cavorted in the water, splashing and ducking each other.

Main Entry: ca·vort
Pronunciation: k&-'vort
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: perhaps alteration of curvet
2 : to engage in extravagant behavior

(from Merriam-Webster Online)

So there they are, Saddam and Donald, having their lively fun, engaging in God-knows-what kind of extravagant behavior while the cameras weren't running, and mayhaps even prancing.


1 : to spring from the hind legs or move by so doing
2 : to ride on a prancing horse

"Come on, Donald! You've pranced long enough! I want to be the horse now!" "Oh, Saddam, how come you get to wear the uniform?" Rumsfeld was quite the wrestler in his younger days, too. Who knows what kind of "horse play" went on in that Iraqi palace? Boys will be boys.

But of course it wasn't all fun and games. Rumsfeld was there as Reagan's Presidential envoy, emphasizing his "close personal relationship" with the ruggedly handsome American leader, and informing Saddam of America's intent to bolster Iraq in its war against Iran. And Saddam wasn't his only playmate. Tariq Aziz enjoyed meeting his new friend, too, as they jointly stated that "the U.S. and Iraq shared many common interests." There's a good recap of the Rumsfeld/Iraq connection here.

It's a tale epic enough for the big screen, both an international adventure and a buddy picture. I can see it now. Kevin Costner directs "Dances With Terrorists, " starring Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein. And as himself, Ronald Reagan: emblem of freedom, Republican icon - cavorter.