Friday, January 28, 2005

thinking outside the ...

close de' box*

Via Mr. Sun, a challenge to come up with new slogans to replace that well-worn cliche, "thinking outside the box." My suggestions, based on years of forced attendance at corporate training sessions:
  • Smoking some kick-ass talcum.
  • Being a random word generator.
  • Using up the airspace so no other idiot gets to talk.
  • Desperately trying to think of something before I have to finish this sentence.
  • Matriculating at the University of Me.
  • Where's that goddam box when you need it?
  • Thinking outside the unemployment office.
Come up with some of your own.

You get extra points if you caught the Kurt Cobain reference - the picture, of course, is of a "heart shaped box." (You remember: Hey, wait, I got a real complaint ... St. Cobain could be bitchy, too, as evidenced by his description of plump rival rocker Billy Corgan as a "pear shaped box.")

*You get even more extra points if you get the reference in the caption.

UPDATE: Give up on that caption reference? Go here.