Saturday, January 29, 2005

once a dick ...

thug culture at Auschwitz

US Vice President Dick Cheney confirmed for the world today that the government is being led by crude thugz who make 50 Cent look like David Niven. As the Washington Post observed, he was dressed to operate a snow blower. Oh, and his parka had his name inscribed on it. Maybe he's going to start his own fashion line, like Puffy. Dick was representin' - in fact, he was representin' ... you.

Cheney to Holocaust victims: Go f**k yourselves. Cheney to formally dressed fellow attendees: You think I'm gonna get cold for you, bitches? Halliburton is in the house!

This revives the competence question, too. According to Washington tradition, the Vice President's only job is to attend funerals. He can't even do that right. It shouldn't be a surprise. After all, Cheney was one of only six congressmen who voted against commemorating Martin Luther King with a holiday.

Hey, Cheney himself is going to leave this world someday, and there's going to be a funeral for him.

Q. What should we do to honor the memory of a man who showed disrespect for the memories both of Auschwitz victims and Dr. Martin Luther King?

A. Nothing.