Friday, January 28, 2005

real life is random

it's still the same old story ...

Today I learned there's a little blog tradition going around, allegedly started by Feministe, to set your music player on "random" or "shuffle" every Friday and list the first 10 songs it serves up. I also learned, courtesy of the same Feministe, that it is no longer cool. That means it's just the right time for Night Light to jump on board.

Here's what WinAmp produced today after shuffling the musical deck:

1. "Oh! What a Storm," Dry Branch Fire Squad (bluegrass group)
2. "Kiss An Angel Good Morning," Charley Pride
3. "Try Me Little Girl," Bob Dylan & the Band (Basement Tapes)
4. "Between the Bars," Elliott Smith
5. "Wine Me Up," Faron Young
6. "Where the Hell is Bill," Camper Van Beethoven
7. "You Have Been Disconnected," Brian Jonestown Massacre
8. "Friday on My Mind," the Easybeats
9. "Last Broadcast," Doves
10. "Whirling Hall of Knives," Butthole Surfers

I beg to differ - this is way cool. The "random 10" wrote a short story using only song titles. Does this always happen?

It is a short story. It is a story of potential, possibly even love, whatever that is. A story of drink, of futility, of pain, of endings. It is a short story. It is a Raymond Carver short story.

Man! I can't wait to play again next week. I'm just afraid it won't have as good a narrative flow. Roll over O. Henry, and tell O'Connor the news.