Thursday, February 03, 2005

democrats for torture

i'd like to thank the people who voted for me ...

... especially those Democrats who crossed party lines to support me on the moral issue of their lifetime. I'm the Spirit of Abu Ghraib, and I'm here to acknowledge the little people - the truly little people - who have made me what I am today. Like they say, without you I'm nothing. These U.S. senators have told their nation and the world that they endorse the man who said the Geneva Convention's provisions were "quaint, " and that torture was fine until it simulated the pain of "organ failure or death." Before I thank these fine people by name, I have a question: How do you know exactly how painful organ failure or death is unless you've experienced it yourself? Maybe these six American solons can tell us, since they've experienced the failure of their hearts and the death of their consciences.

And now, a big shout out and all my love to:

Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut: Joe, I always knew I could count on you.
Ken Salazar of Colorado
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
Bill Nelson of Florida
Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Mark Pryor of Arkansas

And let's not forget those 54 Republicans , too. To all 60 of you, I can only say in closing: you complete me.

- The Spirit of Abu Ghraib

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." Thomas Jefferson